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№9 (96) 7 - 20 May 2003

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Collective security
On April, 28 a summit of member nations of TCS (Treaty on the Collective security) took place. The previous day the ministers of foreign affairs and defence ministers of the participating states had hold a session. On April, 24 Kazakhstani Parliament Mazhilis had signed two official documents: ratification of ODKB (Organisation of the treaty on the collective security) Charter; and other one that had specified the means to accomplish the mission declared by the treaty.
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Euroasian dream
The Media forum held at the end of April in Almaty finished its work. Its organisators succeded in providing a good attendance of celebreties to the remote Asian region, a costly undertaking for Kazakhstan both from financial and PR points of view
Main theme    :   Book market
Vicious circle
Specialists estimate the annual turnover of the Kazakhstani book market at 125 million USD. This report looks quite optimistic but the lion share of the sum (125 million) is a result of Russian import, the local production accounts for 7-9% of the market. Domestic readers consume the product of litteracy put out by their northern neibor, Russia. It is unlikely that the situation will change in the near future.

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