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Universal approval
Agreement is the result of complete non-objection on both sides. This phrase was coined by Ilf and Petrov and appeared in their famous novel "12 chairs". Today these words can be referred to such specific sphere of human activity as diplomacy. Until recently other principles dominated in international relations such as: the recognition of international law by all countries, respect of national sovereignty, taking into account the interests not only of allies but that of rivals, ability to compromise. Today everything has changed.
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The IT market in Kazakhstan. Theory of great leap forward
IT play crucial role in contemporary world. Practically everybody relies on them and there is no any industry that could do without IT. IT serves the basic interests of XXI century. It's quite natural that the IT companies demonstrate highest parameters of income growth, capitalization and attract considerable investments.
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Teheran - 2003
The US defeated Iraq. They are looking for a new target now. The Bush crusade for truth goes on . After the Iraqi campaign two countries from so-called "axis of evil " left - the Northern Korea and Iran. They are likely to become possible targets for the US.

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