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№12 (99) 18 June - 1 July 2003

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Mistake of former Prime Minister
The former prime minister wanted to make a beautiful show from his resignation. He didn't slam the door while quitting his cabinet no. One cannot call it a scandal on a boat either. Such powerful people who have long and useful experience of working in government structures never leave such way and decision about their resignation is not taken extempore. In spite of his sheer determination to quit Imanali Tasmagaambetov still remain in the holder of political structures in the rank of President assistant (state secretary). The resignation of Prime minister was necessary and at least it had to be done beautifully. He succeeded in it. He resigned and blamed in all sins the Parliament claiming that Mp-s falsified the results of vote on the Land Code.
Personalities    :  
Daniyal Akhmetov
The seventh
Zeinula Kakimzhanov
Revolution in taxation
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You have no need to be a scientist
The level of teaching in all education structures intended to prepare qualified labor force became the talk of the town. We have all shades of negative opinions on the subject including widely spread corruption in the academic councils, poor trained incompetent scientists working there, and the domineering of telephone right and poor quality of expert appraisal (expertise). Some of the facts enumerated above really take place the others are pure fiction but there is one bitter truth the research papers worsened deteriorated considerably in the course of the last years and this process continues. We will try to estimate why it takes place and find where the root of evil is hidden.
Aniversaries    :  
Ten years of development
10 years passed since the day the Kazakhstani President N.A. Nazirbaeyv signed a decree that gave a birth to the Kazakh Institute for Strategic Studies(KAZISS). It was done on June 16. In the course of all these years the institute passed through all changes that the destiny send to our country and exerted certain influence on its external policy, contributed to better analysis of the threats to national security and of strategic development problems.

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