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The appointment of new captain
On June,11 Imangali Tasmagambetov team resigned. The ex- Prime Minister held office for record breaking period. Needless to say, that Tereshenko and Kazhegeldin held their prime minister seats for 3 years. Tokaev was in power for 2 years. What happened? Why one of the most bright and experienced teams couldn't stay in power for at least 2 years? The formal cause of this resignation is evident - the situation around the Land Code.
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Sad tale of dollar slide
Without any real efforts made Kazakhstan succeded and accomplished the goal outlined by its leading analysts and economists. The economy was relived from the dollar pressure and there was a considerable revaluation of the national currency which is now even estimated as harmful for the domestic economy.
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Tackling the problem of Uygur separatism
K.L. Syroezhkin. Myths and Reality of Uygur separatism and security of Central Asia.

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