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№14 (101) 16 July - 11 August 2003

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XXI century    :  
The time of satellites
In the context of the latest dramatic and interesting events it is very difficult to distinguish the key moments, which underlie new world order formation. New bilateral and multilateral relations are being established based on the new principles New rules of geopolitical game are set as a result.
Interview    :  
We don't want any bloodshed.
ETNC is a supreme body which coordinates the activity of all foreign Uygur organizations. In other way it is an umbrella organization of all Uygur people
As it is said in the ETNC charter and other documents its mission is 1)to promote using the rights of Uygur people, above all the right to self-determination, using the peaceful means in full accordance with principles of international law 2) to convey the aspirations of Turkestan people to the world community.3) To represent East Turkestan as a sole legitimate organization of East Turkestan people
The ETNC is headquartered in Munich (Germany). 13 organizations which are acknowledged by different nations and represent Uygur people outside Eastern Turkistan became the founders of the ETNC such as: the Uygur Association of Kazakhstan, The Organisation for the Liberation of Uighurstan ( based in Kazakhstan),the Kirgizstan Society of Uygur Culture, Bishkek Human Rights Committee, Uyghur American Association, East Turkestan Association etc.
Revieu (№11 - 2003)    :  
Afghan deadlock
S.M.Akimbekov. The Afghan knot and the problems of the Central Asia security.

XXI century
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