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№15 (102) 12 - 25 August 2003

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Around the Caspian    :  
The Caspian Sea sessions
We haven't discussed the problems of the Caspian Sea for quite a long time because there was nothing to talk about. The negotiations intended to signing the accord and defining the legal status of the Caspian Sea have made slow progress in ironing out differences of littoral states and reminded of famous " nowhere land and making nowhere plans for nobody" . Nevertheless all the formalities of the diplomatic protocol have been fulfilled. The special working group met on the regular basis, there was intensive "exchange of views and trying to elaborate the joint position", there were declarations about "considerable progress made". Despite all these the Caspian Sea challenge have been practically in deadlock.
Pro et contra    :  
Will Xinjiang become the second Afghanistan?
Practically all people worldwide ask the same question. What country (after Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq )is likely to become the next target for American bombers. What state, which belongs to so-called "Axis of instability" will "attract the attention of the world community"?

Around the Caspian
Pro et contra
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