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№18 (105) 24 September - 7 October 2003

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In the search of economic harmony
The summit held on September 18-19 in Yalta may open a new page in the history of the post-soviet territory. There is also a possibility that it won't bring any results. Time will show. The heads of 4 CIS countries (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine) endorsed an ambitious plan aimed at recreating the economic structure that collapsed with the breakup of the USSR. It is really good beginning. For the first time in the history of CIS the rapprochement of 4 countries seems to be sustainable as it is based on the real mutual economic interests.
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The successors of Mendeleyev
For the years of independence Kazakhstani market of spirits passed trough several stages of development .It evolved from "Rasputin"to "Taraz", from "Zhibek Zholi"(Silk Way) to "Poltina". Today, Kazakhstani consumer can choose between different alcohol drinks. Local producers offer great vodka at a reasonable price

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