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№20 (107) 22 October - 4 November 2003

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The leap forward vs. evolution
The Chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Grigoriy Marchenko
The thorny way to stability
Tenge (national currency of Kazakhstan)resembles a kid whose childhood passed in the deplorable conditions of economic malaise. Now he looks more like a confident self-made youngster than like an average teenager. Ten years ago the national currency of Kazakhstan had to play a role of the Kazakhstan economy savior. Today tenge is becoming a key regional currency, a kind of substitute for dollar and euro on the Central Asian markets. But the way to stability was long and thorny.
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The cuisine wizards
There are many places in Almaty where one can enjoy food and have rest - restaurants, cafes, pubs, pizzerias, bistros etc. But very few of them serve really delicious meal. There are many reasons for it . The real crisis of cuisine is brewing and restaurant business owners' complaint is always the same - shortage of good cooks. Who can be called a real professional chef ? what are the main principles of the staff recruitment? What is the average wage of the Almaty cook? Today we will talk about this popular profession

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