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№22 (109) 19 November - 2 Desember 2003

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On the brink of civil war
Last events in Georgia prove one fact - the process of power transfer in fledgling democracies of the former USSR may get uncontrolled character.
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The convincing power of word
The scandal with Yukos demonstrated one thing...
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Birth of the empire
Estimating the processes that take place on the world stage one gets the feeling of deja vu. Many times mankind passed trough similar stages of development. There are numerous examples in the history when this or that country or its political leader declared that the right of power should reign supreme in the world policy. The Imperial ideology with all the consequences for the Empire and new messiah played significant role in the international arena.
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The kingdom of false mirrors
For a long time Saudi Arabia has been considered the most stable and prosperous country of the Arab World. Today this desert realm that maintains the world largest oil reserves faces really grave problems . The al - Saud clan which has ruled the kingdom for decades now is trapped between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

Urgent issue
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