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№23 (110) 3 - 16 Desember 2003

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Nothing changes
The political situation in several countries of the former USSR has aggravated. The states seem to follow the example of Georgia. The " revolution of rose" that can be also called putsch or the ousting of the president took place in the Caucasus Republic. Then the wave of antigovernment protests swept Ukraine and Moldavia.
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I want to cry against all the injustices of the world
Throughout the summer and autumn the exhibition of renowned journalist and photographer Resa Degati ( who is Iranian by origin and in fact real cosmopolite )was held in Paris. His pictures were hung on the fence of "Luxemburg" garden. The exposition "Crossroad. Destiny " was represented by the works of photographer who managed to visit practically all countries of the world. His pictures became the symbol of events that shocked the world community. Large shots portrayed pain and suffering of people from different parts of the planet. Our reporter Ogulbi Ammaniyazova met with Reza Degati after the clolosure of the exhibition.
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New political lessons
The resignation of Shevarnadze was quite predictable. But nobody expected that it will happen this way even those people who were behind the scenes organizing the putsch. The Georgian President stepped down so soon. It was a real capitulation

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