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№24 (111) 17 - 30 Desember 2003

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The Triumph of controlled democracy
I think that the results of elections reflect the real sympathies of voters their views and political reality.
Vladimir Putin
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Show must go on
The experts often compare Kazakhstani show business with the Russian one of yearly 90s.The analysts and musicians continue to draw this analogy despite the fact that time has passed. The national show business still can't begin to develop properly. It is still nascent. The lack of money and talented people and the small number of hits are the main characteristics of the national music industry. But in spite of all these facts the positive changes have taken place this year. Is it true?
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Kazakhstan + WTO: marriage by contract and its consequences
The majority of NIxs including Kazakhstan wants to join WTO. Daniyal Akhmetov the prime minister of the Republic said "one of the major goals is the WTO membership." Though the perspective of becoming the member of WTO is connected with certain economic challenges that have certain impact on the future strategy of national development. Should Kazakhstan rush to join WTO? Kirgizia managed to do it and in a record breaking period . Did this state win much from this undertaking . Apparently the answer is "no"

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