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№7 (119) 14 - 27 April 2004

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Uzbek tragedy
Unrest in Uzbekistan in the end of March - violent blasts in Tashkent, Bukhara in the beginning of April, skirmishes of militia with unidentified insurgents in the suburbs of Tashkent have again brought to the international agenda important issue about the future of Uzbekistan and prospects of maintaining stability in the region
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Who would doubt it
On March, 28 parliamentary elections have taken place in Georgia. Despite the fact that the results have been predictable, the elections may have serious political consequences not only of the regional but even of the international character . On the one hand we see the New president of Georgia who tries to forge the regime centered on his strong authority and leadership . Some analysts even opine that the new head of Georgia follows the lead of Beria and Stalin . On the other hand the balance of powers may change any moment due to the unresolved Adjaria challenge.

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