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№9 (121) 12 - 25 May 2004

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Predicted outcome
The population of both conflicting parties may take a deep breath . The Adjaria- Georgian dispute has been peacefully settled. There was no any bloodshed. Aslan Abashidze was the only one disadvantaged person in this situation. Igor Ivanov managed to cajole Abashidze into accepting safety guarantees from Saakashvili and stepping down without much fuzz. This scenario was really favorable for Aslan Abashidze as otherwise he could have been put into prison.(one should acknowledge that it could have been rather gloomy perspective for the "Adjarian lion".)
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The Caspian Sea conference
On 28-29 April first international forum " the Caspian Sea: policy, economy business 2004" was held in Astana. 250 representatives from 10 states took part in it. This political event was really important for all the Caspian countries. There were really eminent politicians and economists among delegates. Ministers and vice-premier represented Kazakhstan, Iran sent Mr. M Safari ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the summit. Mr. Kalyuzniy the deputy minister of foreign affairs and the President Vladimir Putin's special envoy on Caspian affairs represented Russia . The deputy minister of foreign affairs Halafov arrived to negotiate the disputable matters from Azerbaijan.

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