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№10 (122) 26 May - 8 June 2004

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When the war is over, unleash another war
The violent blast near the American base in Baghdad killed many people including the head of the Interim governing council (IGC) Abdel Zahra Osman Mohammed who was more known as Izeddin Salin. The scandal of abuses in Abu-Graib prison became a real gift for the mass media. Collin Powell said in the interview that the US hadn't enough facts to prove that there were WMD in Iraq before the beginning of the military campaign. All this turns everything upside down. Americans start to understand what trap they were caught in with the beginning of the military operation organized to topple the regime of Saddam Hussein.
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Is it curse or blessing?
On May, 17 Nursultan Nazyrbayev arrived for the official visit to China. Among all the meetings and different treaties and contracts signed between Kazakhtsan and China the most important is the agreement on the construction of the pipeline Western Kazakhstan - China. According to Nursultan Nazyrbayev it has been planned to complete this undertaking by 2005. The construction of the pipeline will be resource- consuming. The project is estimated at 1 billion dollars. The alleged capacity of the pipeline is 10 million tons. When the first part is completed by 2011 the pipeline will carry 20 tons annually.
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Rise of the machines
The conflict of our company with the internet provider "Arna" (famous for its brand "Ducat") may seem to look trivial and minor in comparison with the beginning of liberalization of certain Kazakshtani IT industries . Nevertheless even Confucius used to say that "the long way begins when one makes a first step". The development of any IT industry including telecommunication services begins with the maturity of the companies and their ability to work with clients. In conditions of the liberalized and free market the priorities and choice of the final consumer become the main criteria and preconditions for the successful work of this or that company.

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