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Arriereguard fights
On June, 28 two days ahead of the recently set deadline Americans gave up . Paul Bremer(the head of the US administration in Iraq) transferred power to Mehmud Mahmudi the Supreme judge and to the Iraqi prime minister Iyad Alevi. J. Bush confirmed this fact in the letter addressed to the new Iraqi authorities. The US president wanted to renew diplomatic relations with the country. Then the Supreme judge handed this declaration to the Iraqi president Gazi al-Verr and Paul Bremer quitted Iraq. Two parties adhered to the principles and rules of the diplomatic protocol. Despite all this the question still remains: how affairs really changed in Iraq after the 28th of June?
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Empire Constitution
The EU has lives through the brightest period of its history. Three important events took place on the European landscape. On May, 1 10 new members joined the union; the mid of June was marked by the adoption of the European constitution; in the end of the previous month elections to the European parliament were held. Thus, the EU has evolved into a really mighty entity. It expanded geographically, and developed institutionally. In fact the EU has made a very important step forward that would help to transform it into the real Europe of the Nation States.

Urgent issue
Our continent
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