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The disturber of peace
On October, 14 the influential newspaper "Vremya" published an open letter of the eminent politician Zharmakhan Tuyakbai. The article produced immediate public reaction. It was quite natural. Bold move of Tuyakbai shocked Kazakhstani public. The third person in the state has called into question legitimacy of the new parliament. Majority of pundits reckons that the statement of the renegade politician is opening up cracks in the country's political foundation.
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Logic of terror
Explosion in the Moscow subway, assassination of the Chechen president Ahmad Kadyrov, raids of insurgents into Nazran and Grozny, crash of two planes, Beslan tragedy... These acts of terrors shook Russia. On September, 4, 2004, after Beslan events , in his address to the nation Putin said: "It is a cruel crime committed by terrorists against the Russian nation . They didn't defy the president, parliament or the government. They declared a war on Russia. Today we have to deal not with the separate groups of terrorists, we face a real global threat. It is a direct intervention of international terrorists onto the Russian territory. It is a full-scale war. There are first casualties. Our compatriots died and we will strike back ".

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