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Ukrainian Chronicles
The president race in Ukraine probably was the key event of 2004 . Public attention was focused on the clash of two "Titans". The campaign had begun on July 3th and was over only on December 26th ( New precedent in the world history of democracy). The outcome of the president race in Ukraine was proclaimed the victory of democracy. To my mind the most democratic event perverted high ideals of humanity. Why? It has demonstrated that the power of law doesn't mean anything when it comes to the rule of mob. It is a main lesson of the Ukrainian campaign given to the people of CIS.
Love cannot be forced
All countries were in suspense over the outcome of the Ukraniane elections. Finally Ukranians made their choice. Orange revolutionaries won. Yushenko became the president. This event will have serious impact on the geopolitics of the Eastern Europe, relations between Russia and the Western countries, and those between Russia and the member nations of the CIS. Ukrainian revolution sent the waves of shock which may reach Central Asian region.

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