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It is time to pick stones
History repeats itself . Kazakhstan seems to follow the lead of the Arabian countries.
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Orange sky
The Ukrainian events had sent the waves of shock that finally reached Kazakhstan. Orange revolution stirred the opposition. It gave an impetus to the revival of the political life in Kazakhstan. Some share the opinion that such countries as Moldavia, Kazakhstan, Kirgyzia will fall the prey of new revolutionaries. The orange revolution issue is really grave and urgent. Is it possible to export the methods of revolutions- making to other regions?
Managers of the "velvet revolutions"
Since the day Victor Yuschenko became the president of Ukraine it has become impolite to conduct any surveys and organize studies for orange revolution. Despite this the Ukrainian issue takes a new urgency. The triumph f orange revolutions (which proved the viability of the strategy deployed by the revolutionaries and the technologies they used in their struggle) make us think of the internal logic of this event, its driving mechanisms and engines. Some speculate that Ukraine was nothing more but a citadel that fall under the attack of certain Western powers, which designed a plan(for the overthrowing of unpopular undemocratic CIS regimes. Their victory in Ukraine might become the turning point in the history of CIS countries.

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