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№5 (141) 9 - 22 March 2005

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No sensation
There was no a sensation in Tadjikistan and Kirghizia, despite all efforts of the opposition. The unreal dream of democrats who wanted another "colored revolution" in the former USSR republic didn't become a reality. The scenario for the two above mentioned CIS states was rather predictable. Elections didn't bring any surprises. Old Kirghiz political elites managed to retain authority and keep their seats, the "party of power" headed by Emomali Rahmonov took over the opposition in Tadjikistan
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Shift in the economic policy
The speech of Nursaltan Nazyrbaev delivered On February 18 produced a public resonance. Our country has won the reputation for its adherence to the liberal economics doctrine. Today, Kazakhstani government plans an increase in public spending and changes in the well fare system. It is a significant shift in the domestic economic policy.
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Unpleasent surprise for the state
Transfer- of- all -international flights to the Astana airport story has continuation.

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