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Vegetable tango
The government decided to increase public spendings long ago.
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Absolute hostility
Giuliana Sgrena is a special correspondent of the Italian Communist newspaper "Il Manifesto".This lady visited many countries. Her last assignment in Iraq had fatal consequences. Giuliana became a hostage of the Iraqi insurgents. She had spent 40 days with Iraqi militants and finally was set free by the Italian intelligence. The events which followed the release of the Italian woman journalist provoked an international scandal. American soldiers opened fire on the car which transported Giuliana and several Italian officials to the airport. Nicola Calipari ( the second person in the Italian intelligence)was killed in this accident, Juliana was wounded. Americans officially apologized before the Italian government but didn't punished their soldiers. Italian side demanded satisfaction. Media and analysts provided the public with wide variety of different versions of the accident. The shooting has fueled anti-American sentiment in Italy

Kazakhstan: Economics
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