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№15 (151) 10 - 23 August 2005

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The return of Mambetov
Non-official talks have taken place in Almaty(in the German Embassy). The were devoted to the urgent issue (transferring of all international flights to the Astana airport). Businessmen, Kazakhstani journalists and German diplomats participated in the discussion. Unfortunately parties failed to reach compromise. The Civil Aviation Committee currently headed by Almatbek Mambetov took a hard line concerning this very issue. This unchangeable stance create additional troubles for the work of foreign companies in Kazakhstan. The price is really high: Kazakhstani tour operators are likely to lose profits and federal coffers won't be filled by gold(as certain portion of revenues usually comes from taxes on small biz). The stakes in the game are really high. The image of the country may be undermined as a result.

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