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№17 (153) 7-20 September 2005

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Oil:Problems of the national security      
Problems of the national security
The intention of the Chinese company CNPC to acquire "Petrokazkhstan" became the top news in the business world. Today there are no free oil assets on sale. Beijing doesn't make secret from its desire to buy a share in oil industries of different countries. Chinese companies are ready to pay highest market price for the privilege of exploiting oil reserves, in order to provide their economy with this vital natural resource. There is also a political component in Chinese actions. Beijing tries to avoid the dependence on oil imports.
Main theme: Consistent economic approach      
New priorities
The president Election is scheduled at December, 2005. It seems to be a brilliant move of the Nazirbayev 's team. Unlike previous elections of 1999, these ones are to be held in conditions of economic boom. But it is not the only reason for giving a good praise to the president's advisors. Kazakhstani officials managed to shape a nice economic policy. Kazakhstan has the status of the developing country, which receives high oil revenues. At the same time there are elements of liberal economic ruling within its economic system.

Main theme
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