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№20 (156) 19 October - 1 November 2005

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Sociological passions
The forthcoming president elections have drawn public attention to the problems of sociology and political science. It turned out that there are not enough institutions that are able to collect and systematize data about 65-75% of potential voters who are ready to support the president in the elections. There are some universities and independent organizations, which can undertake mission of conducting relatively good sociological survey. There are enough qualified specialists in Kazakhstan. The question is the following: should Kazakhstani individuals trust the data of sociologists?
Economy and business:      
Autumn marathon
Prices in Kazakhstan grow up steadily. Inflation is rampant. Costs for Petroleum, meat and sugar, flour and sugar hit new heights. This process is irreversible and is difficult to control. Does it mean economic recession?

Main theme
Economy and business
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