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Criminal revolution
The consequences of the revolution of tulips were disastrous. All latest developments are the logical outcome of the March crisis. Today, when time has passed, we can figure out the secret goals of the revolutionaries and judge what kind of people they really are
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Big President Race
On October 28 the president race began. In accordance with the decision of the Central Election Commission only 5 candidates from 18 of those who expressed their desire to take part in the elections will run for the office. Some of the candidacies were declined by CEC because they hadn't met the requirement concerning deep knowledge of the state language, some of them couldn't collect enough votes for their support (86 000). The result was predictable. The majority of candidates hadn't financial resources to organize a campaign. There was no a slightest hope that many of them would be able to win the support of media especially if we take into account the short term envisioned for registration. Given all these reasons only those candidates who won publicity or were nominated by the large and known in the republic organizations had a chance to run for the president post. The results of the CEC activity proved this thesis.
Preventive strike
Following the events in Azerbaijan we again turn our attention to the urgent issue of colored revolutions on the post-soviet area. This time new precedent gives us a chance to find if the revolution may break out in the country headed by the leader, who satisfies the interests of all the concerned foreign players

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Politics. Economics, Society
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