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Genre crisis
The murder of Altinbek Sarsenbayev provoked a great political scandal. Five members of the death squad staffed by the former secret service agents were arrested. The military group, mentioned above is called "Aristan". It is the Kazakhstani equivalent of the Soviet "Alfa". Immediately following the event all prominent chiefs of KNB(the National Security Committee) submitted the request to resign. The president allowed the head of the Committee Nartai Dubaev to quit his post, and rejected to approve the resignation of other officials. The scandal culminated in the detention of Erzhan Utembaev the Head of Senate Administration (the former Prime Minister, the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Agency).
Altynbek Sarsenbayev: Gunshots in the mountains
The death of each man is a tragedy. The death of politician is a tragedy for the whole country, regardless the political regime of this very country or image of the politician who dies under suspicious circumstances. Until recently Kazakhstani politicians have never been slain, if you forget about the fact that Sarsenbayev's death came after the unexplained killing in November of another opposition leader, Zamanbek Nurkadilov. That is why the brutal political murder looks a dangerous sign. It means that the rules of game have been broken.
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Forza Kazakhstan!
TORINO- At last, the XX Olympic Winter Games started with a glamourous and highly spectacular opening ceremony, in the evening of friday, February 10th, in a clear sky evening, at the Olympic Stadium, the old footbal stadium of the city, completely refurbished for the occasion, such as many other buildings abandoned, or dismissed, or under-utilized, for years. At last, because the Olympic Games have been a constant presence in Turin, sometimes an obsession, for somebody an annoyance, since the race to host the Games began in 1998.

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