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№6 (167) 29 March - 11 April 2006

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La Visite de politesse
Recently Nursukltan Abishevich has visited Uzbekistan. At the first glance this event is insignificant. It seems to be a part of diplomatic protocol and the routine signing of treaties on friendship and cooperation. In fact, the official visit of the Kazakhstani president to Tashkent means that the long lasing competition of two countries which have vied for the regional leadership is eventually over.
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Where should investors and households put up their money? Inflationary pressure is high. lack of stable world reserve currencies, the effect of soap bubble that may burst any moment in the speculative spheres worry all market players.
Faded tulips of revolution
A year has passed since the days of tulip or emery Kyrgyz revolution. Kyrgyzia lived through the transition period. It hasn't been peaceful for the country. Today, Kyrgyz economy is in stagnation, political situation is uncertain. We can not be indifferent as all that happens in the neighboring country may affect Kazakhstan.

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