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№7 (168) 11-25 April 2006

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March theses
On March 24, 2006 the president delivered a speech at the regular meeting of the State Commission for developing and concretization of the democratic program. The plan set out by Nursultan Abishevich served a logical continuation to his message to the Nation. Both documents are to articulate the goals and priorities of development for the coming years.
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Future passions on uranium
While oil prices are going up, uranium is regarded as the main alternative source of energy. People begin to believe that civilian nuclear production may alleviate the pressure on world oil markets. Civilized countries would chose uranium as an alternative to hydrocarbons or oil. The world community would try to prevent uncivilized countries from using nuclear technologies. We are talking about such states as Iran. How this uranium brouhaha may affect Kazakhstan which holds the second world largest proven uranium reserves?

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