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№8 (169) 26 April - 9 May 2006

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Almaty hosts media forum for the fifth time. In 2002 the very fact that such event could take place, seemed to be a miracle. Today we take it for granted, that our country draws attention of the world media. What role does the media forum play in our lives? Is it a real breakthrough in the spheres of the world policy making? Is it just a PR in action? May it happen that the media forum will somehow help to decide the fate of the world?
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Plunge of dollar
April 16, 2006 seemed to be another turning point in the history of the global economy. Oil prices hit record highs in New York and London. (70.88 $ per barrel and 71.83USD correspondingly). Copper prices also soared to a record 6470 USD per ton or by 5%.Zink prices grew dramatically. All these trends are crucial for the domestic economy , for the oil giants as well as for such companies as "Kazakhmis", "Kazakhzink". On February 7, 2006 copper cost 5100 USD per ton. Analysts reckoned that it was a historical record. They were mistaken.

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