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Take breath
Following the message of the nation delivered by the president, the upper-chamber of parliament amends the current tax legislation. The deputies and the government promise a significant tax relief that will affect practically all market players. The list of measures includes both tax cuts and improvements in the procedures of taxation. What taxes are likely to be reduced? They are income tax, social tax, VAT and some taxes levied only on the specific group of companies. The officials are also to ease procedures of imposing taxes. Current schemes of tax charge, which leave a margin for double connotation, will be revised. For example currently it is possible to levy a tax on expected profits of the enterprise. The size of tax is defined on the basis of the last year data.(profits the company has managed to get last year). What will happen if the things get worse and the company tax payer fails to reap high profits? The size of tax is not revised. Among businessmen this very heavy tax is a main cause for complaint.
Timely dotting the I's and crossing the T's
On June 22, 2006 the Kremlin officials approved a new plan of the yearly payment of all the USSR debt to the Paris Club of Creditors. Two sides have negotiated a premium. Russia offers 1 billion for the Paris Club's consent to get the payment ahead of schedule. Mikheil Kudrin, the minister of finance) emphasizes that Russia is going to save 7.7 billion by 2020 due to this act. The main thing is that Russia has dotted the Is and crossed the Ts in the crediting and borrowing history of the USSR.

Companies & Markets
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