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№18 (179) 27 September - 10 October 2006

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Can't change the meeting place
In September,2006 the conference of world religion leaders was held in Astana. What is the most interesting about it? Kazkahstan is growing into an influential regional leader. Our republic seeks to strengthen its positions of the influential intermediary on the world scene. It is crucial taken into account all challenges of time: conflicting interests of leading powers and states at the periphery , constant clashes between representatives of major world religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity).
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Money for motherland
In 2005 according to official data there were 191 billion people living far from their native land(compare with these figures. In 2000 175 billion people lived on the territory of other states. In 1990 there were only 120 billion of migrants worldwide). Recent surveys show that today immigrants account for 3-4% of the world population. Masses of people move from state to state in search for better lot. Kazakhstan was also involved in this process. Thousands come to our republic. All these people live and work in the severe economic climate. Today, immigrants may earn a fortune in Kazakhstan if compared to the salaries in their native states . Kazakhstan is also a politically stable and calm place. The flow of gastarbeiters is also stable. Immigration increases the supply of labor. Today Kazakhstani officials ponder what can be done about it.

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