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№19 (180) 11 - 24 October 2006

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Real politics
The multivector policy of Kazakhstan culminated in the September visit of Nursaltan Abishevich to the US.
Good argumentation
On September 29 the Agency of the RK for regulation of natural monopolies rejected to consider the request of "Kazakhstan Temirzholi company" in which the monopolist bid the government to give a green light to higher transportation tariffs. On June 1st the company raised tariffs. Under the natural monopolies law transportation fees can be raised only once a year. The government couldn't act otherwise. Why did the authorities choose to dismiss the request of the domestic company?
Southern drug
According to the UN prognosis, next year Afghanistan is likely to reap a really abundant harvest of opium poppies. cheap drugs are likely to flood the world markets.

Urgent issue
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