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From here Will we threaten Swedes?
In late September Georgian- Russian row suddenly erupted again. All that began when Saakashvilli turned up a tone of his political statements, nearly insulting Russia. Georgian authorities arrested Russian officers and accused them of espionage. When the conflict was nearly settled, and Georgia agreed to release the detained officers, Moscow decided to respond Georgian threat with all its might of "great power". Result: the world community was shocked by the Russian actions.
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Living on your own
It is easy to find a sphere where you can realize your talents and abilities and earn for decent living in Kazakhstan. Economy is growing in leaps and bounds You may enter the market of labour, and get job in a large company(with books, competent accountant, large salary and austere boss) or chose to work for yourself. It's up to you. Some analysts think that self-employed people pose a threat to economy and economic stability. There is certain reason in their words. There is an old saying: every coin has two sides. Those market participants who don't depend on anyone or anything represent the middle class. These people constitute bourgeoisie or in other words, the pillar of the market economy.

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