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Ravens flight
Kyrgyzia faces grave economic and political crisis, which may entail disastrous consequences. Now foreign investors which took advantage of political chaos of 2005 and managed to acquire ownerless property seek to legitimize their rights, return their investments and generate new profits. On October 31 Russian newspaper Vedomosti broke a story. The Russian company Vimpelcom negotiates a possibility of acquisition of Kyrgyz mobile operator Sky Mobile with its stockholder "Alfa group", the newspaper reported. Alfa owns Sky Mobile indirectly via its partner Altimo. The expected deal is estimated at $450 billion dollars. In 2005 Alfa bought Sky Mobile only for $5 billion us dollars.
Colossus on the clay legs
At first glance banking industry is thriving. In fact prospects of financial market look obscure. Banking industry faces a crisis. Banking activity is spreading to the unstable CIS markets. Banks accumulate huge debts, by borrowing from abroad. As the extraordinary economic performance of recent years has moderated, weaknesses that were once hidden have surfaced. Banks continue to borrow from abroad and invest in projects that may never bring any profits. The era of stability is over.
Domestic internet wars
ISPs lower tariffs, IT technologies win popularity among Kazakhstani users, thousands of them join the world web community and grow web- addict, they re actively engaged in surfing downloading and uploading. These positive trends contribute to the prosperity of the nation. Unfortunately every coin has two sides. Internet wars are the price we pay for the developed web community. Kazakhstan joined the mainstream. It couldn't avoid the perils of the IT age

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