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Wedding of strangers
In November, conflict which erupted between the Russian state and private Western companies that owe a share in the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) intensified. Russia lets Western companies know that it is going to block the development of CPC. CPC' is threatened with bankruptcy or coming under the control of the State'. What about Kazakhstani interests? Will they be taken into account?
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Is he our evil genius?
Sacha Baron Cohen the British comedian exploits the negative image of Kazakhstan. He won high popularity worldwide. In early November his scandalous movie "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan "did brilliantly at the American box office. The motion picture grossed over $US90 million ($117.3 million) in the United States.
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High risks vs. profits
Domestic banks feel quite like at home in Russia. They are in their element , investing in Russian projects. In late November the Russian media discussed the news: Russian company Moscow River Steamship Navigation (MRSN) bought a 48% stake in Barnaul Aviaenterprise, which controls a work of airport. Rumor has it that Kazkomertzbank has handed in the acquisition. In Barnaul(the capital of the Altay krai(region)) the issue is vividly discussed ". MRSN has been often mentioned by different sources in the context of hostile takeovers, or, as some Russian analysts put it, raiding. For example the Moscow department of economic security, the Russian governmental structure published a list of companies which were often engaged in takeover bids as buyers. They are leaders on the market of mergers and acquisitions.

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Companies Markets
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