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№23 (184) 6 - 19 December 2006

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Between Riga and Minsk
Two important political events occurred practically simultaneously in late November. NATO summit was held in Riga, another summit of the CIS countries took place in the capital of Byelorussia. Urgent issues were brought to the agenda in Riga. Member nations discussed the policy of NATO enlargement, and goals which would be crucial for organization in the coming decade. The CIS countries have to decide the fate of their union. The CIS resembles a trunk without handle. This thing, is uncomfortable in use but it can't be thrown away because it is a part of something important. Every party which carries the trunk may regret for the loss if the trunk disappear
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Difficult transition
Kazakhstan can boast a developed economy. Nevertheless Kazakhstani public is immature, when it comes to legal norms and traditions of business making. Institution of private property has existed in Kazakhstan since the early 90s, but few individuals and businesses have treated property adequately. Kazakhstani society is more mature in this regard in comparison with the Russian one. Kazakhstani people respect property rights, but they are reluctant to hold responsibility for what they own

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