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№2 (187) 31 January - 13 February 2007

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Left bank or the right bank?
No doubt, this year is important for Kazakhstan in all respects. 2007 may become a turning point in Kazakhstani political course. There is a question: Does our country have a right to pursue multivector policy on the international scene?
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Caspian deadlock
The CPC project prospects look bleak. The future of consortium is uncertain. Interests of CPC foreign investors and those of the Russian government are at variance. Russian government has proposed adding $9 to the current pipeline transit fee of $29 per ton of oil. Moreover, Moscow may bring to the agenda the question of debt, says Russian newspaper Vedomosti. By 2012,Foreign investors have to discharge a debt(substantial sum was allocated for construction of the pipeline) to the Russian government. Result: tariffs are likely to be raised substantially. They are predicted at $50.
Friendly row
Public quarrel is not a good way to normalize relations, especially when the conflict concerns third parties. The energy dispute of Russia and Belarus strained their already tetchy relations with the EU

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