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№4 (189) 28 February - 13 March 2007

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Preserving stability
On the sixth session of the Governmental Commission for developing and concretization of reforms N Nazyrbaev brought to the agenda a new concept of reforming. Reforms in the political sphere will be introduced in stages. The radical opposition would probably frown on the president vision on reforming, but the Western partners of Kazakhstan and a conservative part of Kazakhstani public are likely to accept the political program of the president
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Education rush
On February 13, Almaty hosted the "international education" exhibition. Russian media company Begin Group, which operated in educational sphere was the coordinator of the project. The above mentioned company holds exhibitions in different CIS regions it also supports such sites as,,, Thousands of interested clients and guests, visited the exhibition. 34 companies took part in it. Education agencies of Russia and Kazakhstan which developed numerous international educational and training programs took an advantage of the event.

Urgent issue
Companies, markets
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