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№6 (191) 28 March - 10 April 2007

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Visite de politesse
The spring of 2007 was marked by the emergence of the new influential actor on the world scene: Kazakhstan. Our country is reconfiguring its foreign policy. This spring foreign affairs issues are getting new urgency. Given growing uncertainty in world politics, and in regional politics in particular, Kazakhstan has to find additional instruments for defending its national interests.
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How to cushion economy against the slump?
Gulzhan Karagusova, the Ministry of welfare had to face the MPs and answer uneasy questions in the parliament. She was accused in all sins. She is to held her responsibility . In addition, she is accountable for acts of her predecessors. Deputies are worried about the pension reform. Under the law, the retired person, when he or she reaches 62-58 can withdraw only 100 000 tenge from his or her accounts annually. Thus despite of his or her income and the sum accumulated in the fund the pensioner has to be satisfied with the minimum, which equals the size of pension in the pre-reform period.

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