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Kazakhstan Between the East and the West
The role of the Eurasian Media Forum can't be overestimated. Over the last three years, it has really assumed importance even at the expense of its professional mission( the round table for the world media). Forum has become the place where all crucial problems of world politics could be discussed in the relatively neutral atmosphere. Country, which hosts the forum, is located in the core of geopolitically and strategically important region: Central Asia. Journalists, who represented different media just performed their professional duty. This year they listened to politicians
Who is next?
Political crisis in Kyrgyzia has exacerbated. There is practically no chance for rivaling parties to reach consensus. What is the most frightening about Kyrgyz political stalemate? Political struggle in Kyrgyzia has nothing to do with democracy : free flow of ideas about further development of the country, and competition of people who generate these ideas. Kyrgyzya seems to slid into anarchy. Clans (which inhabit Northern and Southern regions) are at each other's throats

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