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№12 (197) 20 June - 3 July 2007

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Pre - election patchwork
Constitutional amendments have prompted political modernization and put an end to partisan inertia. Parties are rebuilding, mutating, and forming coalitions. With the First parliamentary elections under the proportionate system of voting well underway, and parties have to maneuver, rethink their policies, chose between split or consolidation
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Bricks of the financial pyramid
Despite all corrective measures aimed at preventing Kazakhstani banks from borrowing on the international markets, there is no sign that the crediting boom in Kazakhstan is slowing down. Visa versa, economy is awash with cash. Moreover, influential domestic financial groups indulge in new activity: securitization. Optimists forecast bright future. They believe that banks will secure their risks, by transferring them to investors. This is a blessing for the market. Pessimists give dystopian prognoses. Despite all efforts of the state, market players amass their debt to banks. The intricate scheme of selling banks' assets to foreign investors fuels inflation and prompts construction of the huge financial pyramid

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