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№14 (199) 18 July - 14 August 2007

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Eternal battle
In late June it seemed that the fate of Kosovo region was practically sealed. The EU and the US elaborated the draft resolution which had to be submitted to the UN Secutiry Council for further consideration. The document was based on the so-called "Ahtisaari plan". Marti Ahtisaari the former president of Finland devised new technique for settlement of the long lasting conflict. He suggested the gradual transition of Kosovo autonomy to independence.
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Hot summer campaign
All political parties and movements gear up for campaigning. Since the elections are due to take place on August 18 Kazakhstani political parties desperately lack time to launch the attuned -to public- preferences campaign, think over their strategies, formulate pledges or revise ideologies. This renders summer campaign particularly intriguing. How parties are doing given these circumstances?

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