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№15 (200) 15 - 28 August 2007

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In the search of equilibrium
The first parliamentary elections under the proportionate system are scheduled for August 18. On 20 August the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan is due to appoint its representatives to the parliament as well. According to amended constitution nine seats are reserved for its delegates in the new legislative body
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Euro - 2
The Ministry of transportation is currently working on the important package of measures. Under the draft law, the old vehicles are to be replaced with new ones with standards of transportation safety being raised too. New ecological, economic, custom service requirements to car importers have to boost the market, inspiring people to buy new, quality vehicles. Reforms in the sphere of transportation are aimed at ensuring better transport services as well. For instance, the Ministry of Transportation considers abolishing the VAT imposed on import of new city autobuses. The authorities have elaborated the draft project of "technical regulation on raising requirements to vehicles, sold at the territory of the republic of Kazakhstan"

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