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№21 (206) 7- 20 November 2007

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In late October new cabinet appointments were made. New opportunities for those who dream about career of politician opened. New jobs, those of secretaries in charge of current affairs have been created. These posts were immediately given to the former deputy ministers of those who hold offices today. There is an opinion that this reform is a step forward in political development of our country. New type of officials is likely to be bred. These people are expected to grow independent of the political conjuncture
Kurds' anomaly
For weeks armed border conflict between Kurds militants and the Turkish Army has made headlines of world media. Today, everybody is scared at the prospect of new war and panic pushes oil prices to new highs
Georgian song of sorrow
When the political struggle between Georgian clans reached its culmination, Georgian and Abkhazian , read, Russian relations again have come under strain. At present Mikhail Saakashvilii is facing a new challenge. He is two fight on two fronts and God knows which of them is more important for him

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