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№06 (215) 26 March - 8 April 2008

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Gas lamp of Alladin
On March 11th long lasting quarrel over the price, charged per gas delivered to the European market by main Central Asian suppliers Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan was settled. The terms of contacts signed by Gazprom and Central Asian national companies were revised. At present, Gazprom controls all routes of transportation, and pay low price per Central Asian gas. By 2009 the status quo will be altered. New contracts envisage rise in gas price. The question is why Russian monopoly agreed to abandon its predatory pricing policy?
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New nomads
Over the past 15 years Kazakhstan has evolved into one of the most mobile countries of the world. Everybody is on the move in our state. Of late, many people have changed their place of residence. Locals are sensitive to constantly changing environment, this renders them mobile, energetic and to some extent adventurous. They constantly seek for better fortune, and flows of migrants move from town to town city to city, while foreigners cross the border of Kazakhstan, hoping to find jobs in our country.

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