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№7 (216) 9 - 22 April 2008

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Paradise lost
The Akmolinsk military court turned the verdict of guilty to Rakhat Aliev. He was accused in weaving a plot against the state and an attempt to plan coup d'etat. Until recently, there have been no such precedents in the history of Kazakhstan. Even the most severe critics can't deny that Kazakhstani political system looks relatively stable if compared to that of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan and even Russia. There were no revolutions violent clashes in our republics similar to those that have erupted here and there on the post soviet space. Georgia and Azerbaijan serve a brilliant illustration to this fact. Kazakhstani political elites never tried to crack down on the opposition leaders
Difficult choice
New proposals of the Ministry of Finance and the Agency of Financial Supervision (AFS) for capital adequacy standards of banks caused quite a stir in the governmental circles and mass media. Most of the debate revolves around the dilemma: how to restrict activity of affiliates of banks on foreign markets, and bail out ailing banks at home. Banks are woefully under-capitalized and they are on the brink of disaster

Urgent issue
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