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Astana primary focus remains on independence and stability
In late May Nursultan Abishevich gave an interview to Kazakh journalists and until now his speech hasn't lost its urgency. The president and the government have clearly formulated their position on the touchiest subjects. Some of those issues really concern Kazakh intellectuals, scholars and businessmen
Metal standard
The steel and copper tycoons fight tooth and nail to advance their interests and defend themselves from a new rise of export tariff and export tax which is due to be imposed on their produce. Their efforts are vain, though their stance deserves a bow. Steel copper etc companies helped analysts not to look ridiculous in the eyes of the public. There is an old business axiom: capitalist would sell his soul to the Devil in order to save money he put into a profitable business. Last year, oil and gas investors also tried to oppose the attempts of government to introduce a tax on energy export but their response to the evident threat was vapid

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