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Space Garbage
In June a serious accident occurred in the space. There was much fuzz about the first Kazakh satellite "Kazsat-1". It was all about a system failure . Scientists opine that there is no chance to reload the satellite computer network to make it fully operational again. The satellite will hang in a space as a useless piece of beautiful garbage. Despite a fact that the equipment was secured against any crashes ,great damage was inflicted on Kazakhstan. Reputation of our country has suffered dramatically. Its image of the high tech state was undermined
Does the Strongest Always Win?
In late June, series of articles emerged in the media. It was reported that the Chinese company CNPC and Russian Lukoil couldn't reach an agreement on a very important issue. Two companies were negotiating terms of the future business deal but something went wrong. Chinese side didn't offer a decent price in exchange for Lukoil concession. Russian company had to reject from a right to buy a 50% share in a joint stock enterprise Turgai Petroleum. Ideally, Lukoil would love to acquire a 100% stake in the Kazakh business, the market price of which is now estimated at $1.7billion. The government of Kazakhstan is also engaged in a bid as a potential buyer. The question is: do modern popular efficient companies really want to make business in Kazakhstan?

Urgent issue
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