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№16 (225) 27 August - 9 September 2008

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Fight without rules
The crisis in the relations of Russia and the US provoked by the Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia conflict has made headlines of the leading media. Iran problem receded to the background, but hasn't lost its urgency. Every international issue that entail new quarrel between Russia and the US can affect the relationship of the aforementioned historical rivals. Both countries have a distinct vision on the problems of international security. In fact,. there is a deep, wounding division that stretches far beyond wrecked Georgia, South Ossetia and Abkhazia
Genie from the bottle
The cold war that erupted in early August, launched by Georgia ended in armistice, or cold peace as relations between Russia, Georgian foe, and the West came under strain. Current ceasefire sends warning signals that the new era in the relationship of the West and Moscow has begun. It is not a cold war yet, but something that can fit a description

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