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Warning signals
Sudden spike in activity of Taliban in Afghanistan, military conflict in the Caucasus, the prospects of war between Iran and the West coalition provide reasons for concern. All this threatens to shatter stability in the former USSR republics and Central Asian ones in particular
Electing democrats
Our delegate from Nur Otan was quite lucky to visit the US where he attended the forum of Democratic party. It was an exciting trip and the meeting of democrats made an impression on him. It is quite difficult to choose how to begin this story and what subjects are to be touched upon, while narrating it, but the bottom line is clear - American election campaign is the triumph of political techniques that are applied virtuously by the team of Mr. Obama to manipulate the US electorate
The lion is going to jump?
No wonder the world community was a bit shocked by the behavior of Russia and its plans for the future of the rebellious Georgian provinces, which have recently claimed independence. Moscow hesitated before taking a decision to invade into Georgia and demonstrate the restoration of its military might. Top Moscow officials were fully aware about the shortcomings of their plan, taking into account the variety of world powers that vie for the dominance in the Central Asian region

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