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The battle of Ukrainian Titans
World financial crisis has aggravated. Financial markets are on the verge of collapse. All other industries are living through the hard times too and last couple of moths have been torrid ones for the mining industry. While economies are showing bad record, Russia's relations with the West are improving. Ukraine, which was the second to the Caucasus battleground of the West and Russia, is engaged into a political scandal again.
Roller coaster
The cars of the train are in the free fall , people are screaming, shivering, trembling, rejoicing. This is probably the most exciting and breath taking moment when it comes to the roller coaster ride. The train is climbing slowly up to the highest point of the track and then people may be even turned upside down, when the train reaches the peak and rushes forward, gaining speed. This is how capitalism works. This pattern is typical for all economies throughout the world. In the US however, many analysts believe that early roller coaster descended from the Russian Mountains. The US media tend to attribute global economic mess to Russia. Some people even believe that when Russia got up from the knees resumed its attempts to restore the Empire quarreled with the West, the storm hit all main world markets.

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